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Future Glory

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As the darkest crimes, abuses, and outright monstrous most heinous acts come under Fire, many will want to try to take control through taking part in exposing these works. Many questions will arise especially in regards to the knowledge of a hierarchical system of power that actually runs on the stealing of innocence, how are they getting away with it some may ask..

In pop culture and commercialism we find a outer shell of adult themes interwoven into the fabric of children’s programming.
This is just the at surface evidence of what is happening behind the scenes. This is just the product of an an entire system that operates with children at the center, as a form of sexual entertainment and living party favors. 100,000’s of children go missing every year. I read an article speaking about Virginia being a nexus point of missing children without photos of their faces! What type of parent wouldn’t allow for their child’s faces to be printed for a better chance of being discovered. We are looking at a network of Satanic ritual abuse here. Many are from host families, providing children for ‘these’ monsters: These highly connected and “important” members of high society. That have basically been allowed to freely operate and do whatever they want because they are being covered by law enforcement, the judicial system, politicians, journalists, you name it. Why? Well many of the protectors of these people have also been black mailed and inducted into pedo-criminality themselves. I think many have been “initiated ” and promised position and power. But all along was just to keep them quietly serving as a shield that cannot be compromised unless of course they want to be killed or have their families killed, their reputation ruined or various other controlled means of keeping them positioned.

Is it more than a deviant mind capable of such atrocities in the dark but somewhat in plain sight. As we are finding out that there seems to be a shield of protection permitting these devilish acts to ride freely in perversion beyond comprehension. The exploitation of children has a long history among rulers/governing bodies of many countries. It would almost seem it is the hidden fuel that keeps strongholds and principalities held in place. Aka-roots of iniquity.

We are not powerless in what seems a hopeless situation across the globe. What many have not realized yet is that we have been given dominion in Jesus Christ. There are many assignments to be placed on In Him. We need heavens perspective on this to find Justice. And guess what! Jesus is Justice! Let’s pull together in Mystic Union in Yeshua! Practicing the Presence of God and sustaining that place of Rest, brings strategy and Wisdom into what seems to be too big to go anywhere. Being in Him is always our first place to begin any mission. What we do in our own strength will not get us even a fraction of what can be done in the Spirit, soaring with the eyes of Love, in his heart, we can move beyond any boundaries. This is the Mystery! Only so much movement can take place on merely a material existence. What is truly keeping a system in place is higher than what is seen in this realm. The only thing we have to do is ask for the Fathers heart on these matters and be with Him. He will know how to use us as we render ourselves open to be put on assignment.

We have the entire heavenly host to work with us and MANY are waiting to assist! The resources of heaven never run dry all we need is a surrendered heart!

I saw a portal or whirlwind high above the earth. Spinning with great mass with innumerable stars swirling into it like a cosmic blender! I believe the coming of days long awaited are now! We will see gross darkness be replaced with unspeakable Glory as the Bride of Christ comes together in Union! This will look messy in the natural; and great upheavals will take place as the Lord’s heart overshadows the cosmos. I think there will be revolt as changes occur and many will hold strong to the bondages like a false covering, thinking that is what freedom and pride or identity is. We can see this playing out right before our eyes. Behind it all ,is a suffering people who have passively been swayed into an institutional construct designed to disempower them ; and to waste time and energy fighting for the wrong causes. Systemic creation of subordinates, whom have handed over their wills by their actions. The knowledge of Christ is power. Every other way is a lower form and not the substance of Eternity. Every other way will pass away. A focus on the temporal is death in essence. As we meld into the mind of Christ, all false beliefs can be seen for what they are. We can do nothing except stack up earthly treasure or dust without Him. Our deeds, our works , are nothing without relationship in Him


Author: Ginny Brooks

Co-creator/Explorer of worlds within worlds

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