Ginny Brooks

Wonder : Identity: Exploration

Fiery Reboot

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Stress and heaviness will come upon us if we turn away from the Lord thinking we can keep our minds on so many other things at once and not be injured. Or stay busy in our ways like we would add one degree of success without Him. The fiery reboot comes to parched land that long for the river and rains of heaven. Keeping eyes on Him keeps us weightless, for we have now shifted In the Spirit. We flow up like a vapor towards our God, His Cloud is our covering. He makes a fire for us to draw to. The fragrance from His throne guides our senses into sweet surrender. The aroma becomes richer as out hearts become enamored with every thought of Him. We desire more we want to see your Glory Lord! Show us your Glory so we can be transformed!


Author: Ginny Brooks

Co-creator/Explorer of worlds within worlds

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