Ginny Brooks

Wonder : Identity: Exploration

Portals to Heaven

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By Faith we access higher dimensions. This is why there is so much redirection into false identities, intimidation and energy, used to keep us from living in the knowledge of Yeshua, Christ Jesus. Most of that energy comes from within the religious systems including ones that pretend to not be regarded as a religious system; but seem to have fundamental tennants that prove otherwise.
When we attain sight in higher realms by the indwelling of Jesus, we gain a strength that cannot be wrestled from us. A true knowledge of Who we are and what there is to do. Which is not determined by a set of social mechanics and order, but comes from the direct providence of God at every turn. As long as we keep the attunement to Truth by Spirit, the lower tuggings do not sustain or even provide pleasure. For, the longings of the heart have found a true resting place in whom the soul loves and the spirit is reflected.


Author: Ginny Brooks

Co-creator/Explorer of worlds within worlds

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