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A song worth singing

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Come. Into. Agreement. By your voice, thoughts, and Actions! With what you want, not what you fear or don’t want. How few of us truly understand the power of life and death is in the tongue? What is a prayer? Do we send out our song into the world out of the glorious riches of our inheritance or as the tainted rags of the present day and circumstances. Sing a song worth singing! Let the power of that frequency that is entrained with the River of Life inside of you to overshadow and cancel the lower frequencies and murmurs. They simply cannot hold up to the Light!  Do we more strongly believe in the wickedness of the hour or the Promises of God. Enoch was taken because his faith was counted as righteousness (the approval of God). The Substance of his faith weilded the power for him to overcome the grave and graven images of the world. He believed in God’s Promises, he walked in and out of the Truth and claimed them in Him. He Walked with God. They were friends, brothers, lovers, united. He brought things down from Heaven and taught princes , rulers and kings.  He lived out of His first estate. He did what he saw the Father doing.  Born from above, raised into maturity in Spirit by walking in the Light.


My song for today . The Lord is an ALL consuming Fire! Clearing the way to the Path of Life! My Lord is an all consuming Fire! Clearing the stubble from the Path to Life! Setting ablaze the Impermanent , lifeless and life stealing. Transmutation of the old to the new! Embrace His Firey Presence!


Author: Ginny Brooks

Co-creator/Explorer of worlds within worlds

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