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End of the road

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Diamonds are beginning to form while this long season of intensity has run it’s course! Just when we were not looking and continued to Trust and actually believe God’s Promises! Imagine!  Anything comfortable is not worth much… What if being humbled by our circumstances actually was constructive! Generating a furious flame for His Love as we seeped into what seemed to be dead ends, blocked paths, and a tree so pruned it started to feel like a dead stump. After all this Path doesn’t create wimps and double mindedness! What use will the Kingdom have with that?!! Tried and tested by Love, can we make it! Oh yes oh yes we can!!  Can we surrender our opinions, our differences, our definite facts and observations!?  Do we feel justified and dignified by how well we defended others or maybe just battling a point ; or is it better to let others run their course even if we don’t agree. We do not have to come into agreement with what they say.   We run the same course when we decide we are also justified in our thoughts and actions… I say it is much more honorable to let it go. Yes, degrading it may be, but for who! If you know what the truth is about you ,from the one who set you free –from the judgments of your accusers. We must remember, our hearts have words written on them, are they inscribed in gold or rust. Will the overflow of our hearts be to protect our Pride? Or will it be out of the abundance of life giving waters that are flowing not from any tricky maneuvering of valves but from a ceaseless place of Eternal substance given to us just out of Pure rapture from the one whom gave us all, in all.  Will we be a noisy cymbal or in rhythmic beat. Let’s take our parts in surrendering ourselves, not to be stomped on but to be recoded, rebuilt and rewired into our Destined places. Just trust it will all be worth it…


Author: Ginny Brooks

Co-creator/Explorer of worlds within worlds

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