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I was given a word that released so much Freedom to me. That the map was open and it is up to me to carve the journey. Could the Lord trust me so much that he would release me from feeling like His Will is charted in stone ; walking on a razor straight edge along some path that I am to figure out? For some the message is clear but what if my destiny begins with realizing how much our Father loves us. That my choices I seem to be making at times were already written and configured into the ultimate plan. That my mistakes were known but my choices defined my character and how well I can relate with the rest of mankind or godkind.. He created this world for us to explore, to take dominion, and rule and reign with Him. Whatever steps I take on this soil He is there. My desires are to please Him and to move about and from that solid ground of my walk with Him. Does a true father force his child to love him or give him the option to want to please him and to follow after his steps. All the while always there awaiting a run and jump into his arms. Our Heavenly Father is no different. No matter where we are there He is. We hand Him the keys to open and shut doors with Trust by aligning our Will, to crack windows, and creak open hidden domains and oil rusted chambers . We commune with Him through the eyes of another, through the celebration of a brilliant cloak of a million wild flowers singing and swaying in the breeze, the calming roar of a storm in the distance upon the sea.
He is the very fabric of all being and the reason to daydream while we are awake and wandering , the rest we get while dreaming of fantastical places and beings. His ways are simple but how few find them, or notice them. His ways are subtle, gentle, and as natural as taking in a breath. We find Rest for our souls when our efforts of finding perfection are given up and over to Perfection Himself. We enter a state of ease and comfort among thorns and cries when we abound in his Mercy and under His wing.


Author: Ginny Brooks

Co-creator/Explorer of worlds within worlds

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