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Leonardo DiCaprio and the Bride of Christ



My Dream January 26th 2017


There was a place in my soul that I have been to before and I was walking around this place once again… The details leading up to this point are not as important as this segment.  I am walking around what appears to be a giant complex and I’m in the underbelly of this enormous place, filled with rooms upon rooms, garages, hidden chambers and the like crammed with forgotten things. I see Leonardo Dicaprio walking towards me from out of the shadows of one of these places down here. I ask him a few questions about how to get out of here and then he lies down in front of me.  I feel compelled to begin praying over him and hover over his chest in specific spots. I feel the words form in prayer and speak over him.  He stops me and says that he knows Jesus but ‘little brother’ is watching.  I search the room and see that indeed a small wild eyed boy is peering through the banister of a set of stairs that creeps further down from this place. He then proceeds to tell me that he has had a dream about the Bride of Christ, and that she is missing her head.

I awake from this dream and try to recount every word and image.. A body of a bride without the head. Interesting since the head of the Bride is Jesus and it seems that the rest of the body cannot function in unity without it. It is plain to see all of the dysfunction and division in the Church. That a people trying to function without the mind of Christ is just a load of doctrines and flowery words lacking any real substance.


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11 thoughts on “Leonardo DiCaprio and the Bride of Christ

  1. Reblogged this on StarSword and commented:
    Subscribe to Ginny’s blog, yo! And let’s pray for more Hollywood ppl 2 get saved, man!

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  2. Thanks for the post. I have always liked Leonardo as an actor; I think he is really talented. Interesting you dreamed about his salvation, I wonder if God is calling you to evangelize or pray for hollywood? Prophetic dreams are something I enjoy reading about, Michael Basham definitely posts some really interesting dreams and I was referred to your site from Michael’s blog. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Last night before bed I asked the Lord if he wanted to use my Spirit; he had full access and asked for dream assignments. I also have a special place in my heart for Leo , and some of his movies are my favorite of all time. I think he is saved actually but afraid to come forward about It. “Little brother is watching”, interesting from the reference point of big brother. Makes me think he is being controlled and has to keep a low profile on his beliefs. Go figure.. I would like to keep him in my prayers now for sure .. Thanks for commenting!

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