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Fruits of the Spirit in Greek

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imageThe Fruits can only be attained by the power of God and His many graces we receive by relationship with Him. 


Love\Agape- The Love of God for man. And the Love of man for God.

Joy\Chara-  Extending the favor and joy by God’s Grace.

Peace\Eirene- To Join together, wholeness.

Patience\Makrothumia- Long suffering, long tempered,staying power

Kindness\Chrestotes- Useful Kindness,well fit for use, meeting real needs.

Goodness\Agathosune- Inherently good, the goodness that comes from God, showing itself in spiritual and moral excellence.

Faith\Pistis- “God’s Divine Persuasion”

Meekness\Praotes- “Gentle Strength” power with reserve and gentleness.

Self-Control\Egkrateia- Self mastery that can only be accomplished by the power of the Lord.


Author: Ginny Brooks

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One thought on “Fruits of the Spirit in Greek

  1. interesting Ginny. What I would like to see someone do, is explain the words/ concepts in Hebrew that the English is derived from. The reason is that in my study of scriptural roots, I’ve come to learn th-at Hebrew is the only language that operates on 4 levels. Seeing as all the authors of books in scripture were Hebrews I’d be interested to see what the difference is. I have a book written by 2 messianic rabbis, who are born again of the Spirit, wherein they explain the Greek mindset is totally different from the Hebrew one. The Greeks having a background in mythology viewed hermeneutics as a 2 layer meaning – 25% obvious/literal and 75% myth. Thus it extends to the way they translated Hebrew into Greek for scripture. The Hebrew hermeneutical system was much different. I suggest getting and reading “Devils, Demons, and the Return of the Nephilim” which is not the main focus – rather the understanding of covenant from YHVH Elohim’s (GOD) view as He gave to the authors of scripture.


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