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Laying it to Rest


Are we willing to lay it all down when Love walks in the room and Follow Him. Would we know it was Him if He did…

Laying down our opinions, comprehension, religions, thoughts, doctrines, teachings, eschatology, fruitless desires, prides, dignities, stature, race, classes, finances, careers, do goods, comforts, routines, political parties, additudes, social media, cell phones, our time:  because he says it is getting in between Him and Us. Because he is doing a heart check to see where we are with Him. Would we?!  Do we think we are too close to having it all configured, fortified, conjecturized, formulated, justified, puffed up with so much false ambition just to drive His Voice away as we stand in front of the ultimate man made alter we have built for ourselves.  Let’s Blow it up! 💣💣💣 His Word is sharper than any two-edged sword so let’s cut through the cobwebs, the chains, the razor wire, the walls, boundaries, ceilings and floors and  the glass armor!



Would we lie down on the floor and get blasted by the the Lord losing it all in surrender because that is what He wants! Do we have to try to wrap our minds around every single thing and collect dust from the past or live to be overcome by Him in Him. Let Him have His Way. Let Go of everything to see what He holds in His hands and his chest. Are we willing!


Author: Ginny Brooks

Co-creator/Explorer of worlds within worlds

5 thoughts on “Laying it to Rest

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    Rest in the Lord!

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    I pray He helps us come th the point of surrender


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