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Praying Medic


Southwest School of the Supernatural – Using All the Tools In this message, which was recorded at the Southwest School of the Supernatural, I teach on physical and emotional healing, deliverance, seeing in the spirit and hearing God’s voice. I’m assisted by my friend Tom Schermitzler, who is one of the course directors. (Tom was healed of multiple sclerosis 24 years ago.) In the question and answer segment that follows the lesson, we discuss healing soul fragments and alters and strategies for hea…


Author: Ginny Brooks

Co-creator/Explorer of worlds within worlds

2 thoughts on “Praying Medic

  1. You may find this interesting (fulfillment of Isaiah 13 Spetuagint version?)


  2. Reblogged this on StarSword and commented:
    New Praying Medic (David Joseph) Podcast! Woohoo! “Pray” I can do another interview with him, as well!


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