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Lost in time.. .


For those who wake up every morning

Try to make yourself look nice, but carry the unworthiness and shame around like a heavy lead blanket.

To those who are approaching the end of their lives and still have no idea how they went from 12 to 80 so quick.

For those who have felt abandoned by God , by family, by friends.

For those who felt you had to do this, and do that, to be someone in this world.

For those that held on to something until it broke, and still hold on to one last sliver in their hand.

For those that never changed their hairstyle for 50 years because that is the only image they knew of themselves to be true.

For those that realized too late that their collection of glass dolls never made them happy.

For those that never knew who could free them of this endless burden .. .

He awaits the broken and lost..

To wake where the light cracks into the dilapidated building, and renders the picture changed somehow.

He never forgot you.. … When the world discarded you, because your credentials didn’t qualify you. When you didn’t quite fit or identify with the passing cultures and ways.  When you felt there was no home, or place for you. You were being brought into the reality of the substance of His Home, because you were right in thinking this wasn’t the one for you.

On your 67th birthday you had one friend there at your table.

(I know this is a weird post, I saw a friend post a picture of her sister who just passed away. The picture showed her with a forced smile and her hair teased and sprayed into the same way I imagine for several decades. It reminded me that there are many that wake up every morning and have a routine; and have gotten used to the idea of nobody being there, except their own reflection in the mirror as they comb their hair and dress themselves as usual day after day.  That the world has been cruel to them and the times were of no sensitivity as they experienced many a false ideology of the ‘reason for life’. So deeply ingrained the emptiness of it all. Go to work come home, read some Reader’s Digest, go to bed, repeat. On the weekends maybe let loose and drink some sweet n’ low in your wine and sit on the porch with your fingers curled around a romantic novel, and your cat Sparkey.  Anyway’s many are lonely and adjusted. Many need those to visit them in dreams and in the Spirit, and in the natural.  Let’s ask for assignments for the ‘lost by time’ and forgotten, the unloved.. There are so many out there. )


Author: Ginny Brooks

Co-creator/Explorer of worlds within worlds

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  2. Perceptive words and touching words and evenly placed sensitive words.

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  4. sis Ginny – I think you may like this post just added by Sis Sue aka Mystic Mama on Deep Trauma healing / deliverance


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