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Pharmakeia vs Life


If we put our trust, hope, faith and love in a system it will fail us.  And yet many still place all of their stock into a system set-up to keep us yoked to corruption. I hear a lot of cries and disappointment arising out of the talk of Trumpcare right now.  That this will lead to death and a cut-off for those on expensive pharmaceuticals and treatments.  This is a blood thirsty empire that is directly linked to the business of death.  Directly to agriculture chemicals, petroleum related chemicals, and pharmakeia/sorcery.   This was never meant to lead anyone to life but to pull us away from the real Physician and His Power and ours.  This was also produced to bring us under the government of a hopeless cycle and downward spiral of degeneration.  If we don’t choose to see it this way then we are exercising and allowing satanic control over our bodies, minds and souls.  Many choose to be outraged ;maybe because the hooks of disease have ensnared them and they were purposely given very little choices of remedy.  Not all of us understand the healing power of God, so many will look for counterfeit and deadly alternatives.   Like the hegelian dialectic paradigm works, a problem is created ,while simultaneously offering a solution to a desperate and dying people.  All of which is an elusive process that benefits the system- that mounts up greater power by imprisoning more willing slaves to it’s empire of control.  God help those out there that put all of their will  in entrusting their lives in the hands of others.  Direct their attention to alternatives that are not designed to yoke them to a system that profiteers off their illness.  Bring them to idea of the power of thought, the power of prayer, and into relationship with you. Yeshua is Our Hope, Our Faith, Our Trust, and Love.

Not every natural treatment will work but the science behind it supports what God meant as our source of medicine.  The intelligence of God is imbued in essential oils, herbs, veggies, and fruits. Do we put our faith in these creations? No, but we do Trust that our Heavenly Father loves us and He has a great design and purpose for our being here on Earth.

(The Gerson treatment, by Max and his daughter Charlotte Gerson are definitely worth looking into! )

This post is no way created to make anyone feel ashamed or silly for trusting pharmaceutical companies and treatments for their illnesses.  I have great love and compassion for people that have been driven to seek out any remedy that may work for them and answers for sometimes very unknown ailments and disease. This post is about our innate love to trust, hope and have faith. These are fruits of the Spirit given by God ,and bring us into balance with who He is.  I worked in hospice care and with developmental illness for many years with a broad range of people, that were linked to the medical industry and watched many suffer and ultimately die.  I have not personally suffered a terrible illness and I have nothing but my heart to give when it comes to the pain and torture that you must endure daily.  When there are lives that are spared because of allopathic medicine–the blood, sweat, and tears of doctors and nurses who give it everything they have to help others, they should be applauded. This world has been set-up in a way that pulls us from original creation and design more often then not. We cannot ignore things and hope they just get better. We have to face what is true and what isn’t, in an ever increasing facade of great change, and the ever increasing rise of Sons and Daughters ruling and reigning from our seats in heaven. We must make some distinctions. Not everyone is for us, but we can alway’s be sure there is One who is, was, and alway’s will be.


Author: Ginny Brooks

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