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Heart/Mind as a Holographic Projector

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I was just thinking about how the fear of man distorts perception and and how that all begins when we are first able to open our eyes  and start assimilating information as it comes, usually under the instruction of our parents and that framework that begins to be laid from there.  What is considered good behavior and bad behavior.  Next stage in life:  we go to a school that has decided what it is you need to store as useful knowledge.  Also, giving a grade of good or bad, and where self expression is a good thing or a bad thing depending on how many friends or supporters you have.  Whether or not the curriculum itself is based on what is actually true or what is a fabrication takes a back seat until we graduate from the school of correction.  Passing or not-passing, initiated or not.  By the time we are able to leave the nest so to speak, we have been trained/wired into a grid of perception that is based on what is correct and what is definitely not correct according to a certain model of correctness.  There is further assistance into the model of correctness and normal yoked with the entertainment industry, and most importantly who we call our friends and family, our network we intimately yoke ourselves to.

Growing up as a kid in the 80’s I was well saturated by characters in movies, cartoons, and nintendo. Reflected back now there was almost zero mention of God in any one of these; and completely filled with dark occult meaning in one respect.  Not to confuse the matter but later I was able to see from heaven’s perspective the light in those dark places.  Now, looking back I am easily able to see what was lacking and what was the driving force and energetic system behind these designs.  I can also tell you how many years it took to be able to disconnect from the motherboard that I was emotionally wired to in my childhood and adolescence and reconnect with the Source of uncreated Light ,what is Real, my true Identity, Jesus Christ.  All wisdom, knowledge, and creation is embedded in Him.

Just detaching from the simulation of correct perception in itself is loaded with persecution, and heavily, heavily offensive to people. We are most offended by the revelation we most need it turns out.  That wiring where we feel threatened by someone’s position should be a clue, that is where we will get the most deliverance from an established system and corrupt projection of belonging to.

There are forces at work here that many are not aware of and many have been used unknowingly to promulgate this destruction; thinking it’s aiding humanity into correct thinking.  There is really a high state of unlearning that needs to take place in order to see rightly, and that is through the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.      I would have never perceived back then that I would come to this understanding,  it was only through the Grace of God that I am even here right now to write this.  He is true perception and only when we cleave to Him will we have any understanding of what is true and what is false knowledge.  Jesus is the ultimate image and Being that we are to holograph our reality construct from.  I saw a projection of a human being that had become so compromised from the original blueprint that only the faintest of light could be seen in the projection, like the reflection mirrors had been shifted so far from God (the beam, Light) that they were disappearing.

ΔThe particle/wave nature of the DNA molecule, which can be “read out” with biophotons from chromosomes to set up a holographically produced wave field. This superposition of wave fields (object wave and reference wave) creates a wave guide for the formation of biological structure. The image is constructed according to the reference information contained in the genes. The reconstructed object wave is identical with the object wave field. The reconstructed wave fields reproduce exactly the recorded ones (the DNA with genetic code).

He is the indivisible Light that cannot be distorted and rearranged. We become the New Creation by living in Him, syncing with the harmony of heaven and bringing it to earth as He lives through Us.   All Hope is wrapped up into this attunement of His Will.


Author: Ginny Brooks

Co-creator/Explorer of worlds within worlds

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